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The Latest Version of Hygienic Plastic Pallets: Fully Closed Solid Bottom Deck


The Latest Version of Hygienic Plastic Pallets


The fully closed solid bottom deck hygienic pallet is another remarkable product of Persian Sanat Co. which is totally manufactured from food-grade virgin PP copolymer injection grade. This type of pallet is suitable to be used in food industry and pharmaceutical logistics and generally for all sites which are hygienically observed.

 The Latest Version of Hygienic Plastic Pallets

The superiority of this pallet over common industrial pallets as well as other generations of hygienic pallets is the solid integrated bottom, skid runners and top surface. Therefore, there would be no places for dust and dirt accumulation.

The Latest Version of Hygienic Plastic Pallets 


From now on, you don't need to be worried anymore, Because with Persian Sanat Co, new anti-static pallets, your loads whatever they are, No matter how sensitive they are, Will be transported and stored the safest way possible.

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After more than forty years of innovation and experience, with the establishment of one of the most sophisticated factories, manufacturing a wide range if products, we now introduce a new image of individual and group capability.

Persian Sanat, relying on brilliant past record of their executives in founding and managing large manufacturing groups such as Sabalan Plastic, Razak Chimi, sahel Etehad, Sahand Plastic, and Tohid Plastic, is fully prepared to present their years of experience and services for implementing varieties of projects with the help of innovative and modern equipment.

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