Strategic importance of goods

Pallet as a load unit in goods displacement has been considered a practical method in transportation, distribution of different products. Traditionally, pallet has been made of wood. However, plastic pallets are being used in Europe more than fifty years and appropriating remarkable share of pallet market.

Why should we buy plastic pallet?

Nowadays, most of the countries ask for hygiene document to accept the wooden pallets. Wooden pallets, in order to get this document, should be disinfected by the heat and Methyl Bromide steam. However, plastic pallets are not needed to be disinfected in this way and also regarding their life cycle, in long-term periods will be cheaper than that wooden pallets. Therefore, plastic pallet is a long lasting replacement for wooden pallet and is rapidly being generalized in industry of goods shipment.

The benefits of plastic pallets are suitable hygiene, similar quality and dimension, lack of nails and fracture, lack of water absorbing and their relatively light weight. Additionally, their sustainability in different weather conditions, capability of being stocked in a regular way in order to use minimum space, capability of being recycled and also different color scheme and numbering are the other capabilities of these products.

Persian Sanat

After more than forty years of innovation and experience, with the establishment of one of the most sophisticated factories, manufacturing a wide range if products, we now introduce a new image of individual and group capability.

Persian Sanat, relying on brilliant past record of their executives in founding and managing large manufacturing groups such as Sabalan Plastic, Razak Chimi, sahel Etehad, Sahand Plastic, and Tohid Plastic, is fully prepared to present their years of experience and services for implementing varieties of projects with the help of innovative and modern equipment.

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